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Smart Care Can Help Dealerships

Increase Their Per Car Average

Do you sometimes feel that your dealership is in need of possible high-margin products that your competition is utilizing and that it is missing out on profits?

We help dealerships who are frustrated that their per car average has stalled and are looking for ways to change that.

Have confidence in selling dependable vehicle protection services for when accidents are bound to happen.

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Dealer Benefits

Our Smart Care program has it’s own dealership related benefits:

  • Product that sells itself
  • No maximum mark-up
  • No risk
  • Dealership exclusive
    Product cannot be purchased online or retail
  • Increased customer retention
  • Differentiate from your competition

Let Us Prove It

We believe once you start selling Smart Care, you’ll see how significantly it can affect your per car average.

We’re encouraging dealerships to try Smart Care products for 30 days for FREE.

No Risk. No Strings Attached.

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Drive Sales. Drive Confidence. Drive Smart. 

What’s Covered?

A better question is what isn’t covered?

Every Smart Care agreement includes minimum 2 years of coverage of the following:

Windshield chips

Alloy wheel damage

Interior damage to upholstery

Dent repairs

Paint chip repairs

Scratch repairs

Potential Return On Investment For Dealerships


Number of Cars Sold Annually


% Sold with a SmartProgram Policy

$1,500,000Total Profit

Drive Sales. Drive Confidence. Drive Smart.

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