Service done right.

Valerie is an amazing Representative for Smart Program. She is always super friendly and has amazing customer service. I highly recommend Smart Program!!

Every vehicle owner needs this program!!! Not only is it a no brainer ( we are going to get rock chips etc.) the ease of making a claim or needing a repair done is effortless! I have gotten so much positive feedback from not only customers, but our own warranty department as well. This program truly is all about taking care of the customer!

best company ever

This was my first repair through the smart program.What an amazing experience.I live in a small rural town and had no issues setting up my appointment in Grande Prairie.The local agent in Grande Prairie did an amazing job and I was in and out within 3hrs.Hopefully I can keep my truck dent free????

I have The Smart Program on my Jeep and needed a windshield replacement. After emailing Smart, I had a Rep contact me almost immediately to confirm what I needed, and it was taken care of. The glass company called shortly thereafter to make an appointment and it was done! Amazing service thanks to The Smart Program! Recommended!

smart program is definitely a five star for service

I got my first chip in my windshield, I submitted my report and it said within 2 business days I’d hear back. I heard back a few minutes later and everything had been taken care of. I highly recommend this to anyone! They were so fast and so easy to deal with. I’m super impressed!!

Smart Program is awesome for our clients, and James is very accommodating to work with. I can recommend Smart to my clients knowing they will be satisfied with the product.

Smart Care has fantastic products and warranty service. I have the Ceramx coating on my windows and I recommend it to all my customers. Love it!!

Fantastic program, money saver for keeping your vehicle looking brand new for years to come!

I can not say enough above the Smartprogram company. They have been so easy to deal with when it comes to fixing some scratches, chips or dings. All I have to do is call them up and tell them what happened and boom - they're there to fix the problem. The people at Smartprogram are friendly and easy to deal with, they make having this program such a great experience. A great big Thank You goes to the Smartprogram and all the people involved.

The team at Smartprogram are awesome, always ready to help!


Would highly recommend...great friendly service!

Great program, the windshield replacement was easy and no hassle. I recommend it to everyone!

Was absolutely impressed with the service provided. It was courteous and professional with outstanding results. Great job Steve!!

Great customer service! They do an excellent job taking care of all my minor Imperfections on my vehicles.

Very friendly, prompt and professional! I did not know what to expect when making a claim and thought it might be a hassle, but it ended up being simple and straightforward! Thank you

I was skeptical when my dealship included this program, but after my first time using it I have nothing but high praise for the people and customer service experienced. Very friendly, responsive, respectful, and patient explaining everything and following up. Great service!

This program was the best accessory that I could have possibly purchased for my new vehicle, The level of service and the level of quality is outstanding. Every vehicle owner should have this service, the smart program is a must.

Awesome customer service! Excellent windshield technician!

The most awesome service that I ever experienced. You don't have to wait for a very long time from their employees respond, they will answer you right away, come on time even earlier than scheduled.

the process was easy and the quality of the work was awesome. The representative who came to my place was great.

I have no complaints at all !

Great service!

I only have good things to say about the “Smart Program.” Excellent service from start to finish. So far I have utilized the Smart Program on three different occasions. Very easy claims submission process, to talking to the rep on the phone, to the technician coming to my place to repair my vehicle. One of the best products that I have ever purchased. Great program!

For many years of service with Lexus Calgary, Smart program has always come through with all of my cosmetic issues with my vehicle. Also, Smart program is always good to point out the issues in every situation, simple or complex when treating issues with my vehicle and inform me about them before proceeding with any necessary work. Thank you as always!

I have been contacting them several times about cracks on my windshield and I can tell that they probably the best insurance company in Alberta. My problem solving manager Alla is supportive and confident specialist. I have only positive experience with them

After making contact with the office I set up the appointment. The technician was on time and the job was completed, a small paint chip and a paint discoloration from a rub on the door edge to my 2020 ford ranger, thanks

Really good customer service from the front desk lady, Alla, to the paint technician, Robert who came to my house and was able to fix a bunch of scratches on my vehicle. Highly recommended.

1st “Smart Program” experience was great then after multiple glass work/replacements they say NO. The dealership followed their EXACT same procedure and I was VERY abruptly told “You will not be covered and it’s out of your pocket” I asked to show them multiple papers, pictures of MANY customers that also use this exact Dealership and how this Dealership follows same procedure with each of us, yet during these crazy times with Covid and crisis, (Yes, I was laid off) they get to pick and chose whom they cover. So I get to pay for a windshield, when I Paid Thousands of dollars for coverage. The Agent was terrible to deal with for both myself and my Dealership, couldn’t care less what we had to say or ask?? I of course could of made a quick call to them to start process BUT my Dealership has taken care of it since my first initial glass replacement so how was I suppose to know they “changed their minds” as The Smart Program accepted EVERY claim the dealership has sent in for MULTIPLE customers over the years. So now during Covid (yes I was laid off) and our Crisis they decide to make customers pay on top of buying the coverage....
Sorry but I don’t have unlimited funds to Pay for a windshield that I paid for in thousands of dollars for a warranty that picks and choses when and whom they cover...

Amazing customer service! Attentive, empathetic, dealt with my claim right away! The techs did an outstanding job repaing my car! Kudos to you! Definitely buying the SmartProgram on my next car!

The team at smartcare went above and beyond to help us resolve our situation quickly and easily. Worth the investment if you’re buying a new car!

Service was top notch and the results better than I expected. They did more than I asked for. I'd use them again.

I sell vehicles and I just put Smart on my own Terrain. Within 2 weeks I got a big ol’ chip in my windshield. I called Smart and they set up everything for me. Ultimate Auto Care in Lethbridge is right next to my work so I let them have it all day, anyway. They checked for chips in the paint while they were at it and now I know my rock chip isn’t going to spread. I will continue recommending Smart Program to all my clients. Also, they always give me rave reviews too.

Drove all the way to the dealership to find out that they do not implement the program and that I should call the Smartprogram Office in Edmonton. Customer service gave me my file number and the name of the company that performs the service in my home town. Turned out to be an Auto-body Shop right next door to the Dealership. Called the Auto-body shop and told them I would come down with the vehicle. Manager came out and had a quick look at the paint chips and said that I would have to call Edmonton Office back and tell them to send a P.O. # to the shop with all the information for my vehicle.
A few days later Auto-Body shop called and we setup an appointment. Told me it would only take 1/2 hour as the paint chips were very small. Waited for over 1 hour and then got the news that the shop could not match the Pearl red paint on my vehicle. Upon viewing the paint chip area all the touch-ups were a dark black colour. Manager said that I should go back to the dealership and order a OEM/Factory Paint stick. Drove next door to the Dealership and ordered the paint stick.
Problem still not resolved as I have not heard back from the Auto-body shop or the Dealership.
Signing up for a $1000 program should not be such a hassle.

The team at smartcare went above and beyond to help us resolve our situation quickly and easily. You can trust that you are in good hands - they truly value their customers!

Friendly customer service and easy claims process

Good job not too expensive

I accidentally dropped a spot of crazy glue on my passenger seat of my 2017 Cadillac XT5. With in a week smart program arranged to have it repaired with Fibrenew a local leather repair place in Red Deer.
They did a excellent job and it never cost me a dime. Absolutely awesome customer service.

The crew at ming shine on 34ave were able to get me in quick and fix a couple dents to near new, no questions asked. Hoping the rest of the services are as quick and painless!

The people working at Ming Shine were great to deal with and did a fine job repairing paint chips and a minor dent.

Great Job

Every interaction I've had with SmartProgram has been easy and hassle-free. It's amazing to be offered a form of insurance where you don't have to fight tooth and nail to get what you paid for.

Talked to very nice lady who was very helpful !

Friendly Staff and knew what they were doing. Dent totally gone! Im a happy customer. Definitely will recommend to others

Fast, friendly service. Very happy!

The Smart program is worth it. I live in Alberta (Edmonton area) and they decided not to use the deicing this year but use salt and sand, I have already had two chips in my window, no questions asked fixed, no hassle.
I have rock chips now in my paint with will be repaired after winter is over.
HATE SAND AND SALT! Love Smart Program

I had the pleasure of speaking to Bobbi when filing my claim for scratches, and dents to my hood, passenger door and rear bumper of the Audi I purchased the insurance for. Bobbi was courteous, professional and went above and beyond to make my claim process as smooth as possible. They scheduled my car into the body shop within 2 days and within a week the car was fully restored to pristine condition. I would recommend purchasing smart car insurance because scratches, nicks, bumps and dents are inevitable and the business that provides it is accountable and quickly fixed the issue.

Simple email or phone call and they look right after the repair.
We have had to use this twice with great results.

Very easy and painless process. Got my windshield chip fixed fast and I had very little to do to take advantage of the the Smartprogram perks.

Sheldon Robb

Repairs have all been hassle free and very fast!

Very accommodating. They came to me, to fix the scratches. Very quick response time.
Thanks, will definitely use your services again.

Very helpful and easy to get the work done!

Awesome customer service

I initiated a call for service, waited two weeks, gave up and got the problem resolved through another means at my own cost, then I was asked to leave a review, so... enjoy your one star. Your service is non-existent in my case.

I just wanted to say how happy I am with your prompt and efficient same-day service for my windshield rock chip.

I especially want to say “thank you” to Colin Reef, the technician. Great service. He deserves commendation!

Awesome customer service. Very easy to deal with.

I bought the SmartProgram since I am well aware of the wear and tear of paint during the years. But they went beyond and fixed a scratch that is not supposed to be covered by the program.

Can't say enough about Bobbi. So quick to respond. I've only had to use them once so far (hopefully that's it), but it was easy and painless! Fantastic customer service!

Found smart program a few months ago and working with Bobbi and Megan has been nothing short of flawless. The customer service is phenomenal and the program they offer is incredible. Never difficult to deal with and always on top of everything.

Professional worksmanship. Dent and scratch gone in minutes. Very satisfied with this program. Smooth transaction from making a report, booking, and servicing. Thanks Bobbi.

Always accommodating and great SERVICE! Thanks Bobbi!

Amazing Customer Service. Bobbi is always helpful and able to get our vehicle in as soon as possible to ensure quality, professional workmanship.

Excellent work and service. Highly recommend

Great service, very friendly.

Excellent service from the SmartProgram. We had paint, leather and rim repairs on our SUV and we were treated exceptionally well by Bobbi Gervan, our customer representative. All 3 repair people came directly to our house and the schedule was well organized by Bobbi. It was very easy and we are extremely satisfied.

Amazing service all around. I was especially appreciative of the prompt and professional customer service by Bobbi Gervan in processing the claim, booking the appointments and constantly following up. The entire process took less than two days from my initial claim to the completion of the work. Amazing!

Very happy with the service and quality of this smart package we bought for our new Ford

Quick friendly service, the quality of paint chip an scratch repairs are ok, when they have the right colour for your paint. They buffed out some surface scratches really well.

Smart program rep was awesome , although our lexus dealer had no idea what he / she was suppose to do . So this took weeks rather than days. Smart Program dealers should let their clients know how it works , that their customers contact the smartprogram rather than the dealer, would be allot less confusion and anxiety

Great job on my car I felt like it was as new again.

I think the Smartprogram represents good value. I curb-rashed my passenger side front wheel rim a few days after purchasing my vehicle and was very glad to have this insurance. The repair was well done by a well qualified outfit. I am a happy customer! A special thank you to Bobbi for making my experience seamless...

Prompt response to issues, Good Customer Service, that is SmartProgram. They went above limit to fix the damage on my car bumper. Highly recommended for any car maintenance related issues.

All I can say is Bobbi Gervan from smart program are AMAZING and very helpful. Got scratch and dent from my new car. Bobbi always make sure that I’m 100% satisfied with the service that smart program provides, if I’m not 100% satisfied yet, she kept emailed/called me and tell me what’s the other options is
Highly recommended!
Thanks smart program and Bobbi gervan

Used the service multiple times already (bit embarassing)....the coordinator Bobbi is great, she always answers the phone when you call and takes care of all of the details. She really takes the stress out of the whole process for you. This program has already paid for itself in my opinion, would totally recommend it to anyone.

Used the program numerous times and always happy with the result Bobbi was super honest about the work and pricing

Weather it’s the shop or the office everyone is extremely knowledgeable and friendly I usually deal with Bobbi if I need to go threw the smart program and wow!! What a breeze she takes care of everything all you have to do is drop off and everything is taken care of no hassle no drama

Highly recommended!!!!

There is a reason they call it the "Smart Program". I purchased smart program through a dealer when I purchased my new car. I have since made a few dent/scratch repairs. Smart program sent a repair person to my place of work which was amazingly convenient. Having these dents repaired for free with no deductible has saved me a bunch of money and time. I highly recommend this program if you are purchasing a new vehicle and are concerned with aesthetics and appearance.

Excellent and prompt service. Very happy with the program

I have had a few experiences with Bobbi Gervan for windshield replacement and repairs and the service has been fantastic. Bobbi is nothing but helpful and willing to help with any issue. I would recommend anyone buying a new vehicle to sign up for the Smartprogram, it has been excellent service and value.

Great Customer Service from their Client Care Agent Bobbi, would definitely buy the program again from Sherwood Ford, this program saved me a lot of money!

Very poor service, skip it if you are in Calgary. It looks like this is an Edmonton based company who uses unreliable contractors in Calgary. So maybe if you are in Edmonton they give 4-star service, but in Calgary its more a 1-star or 2-star. Booked an appointment with online form, no one ever got back to me (even though they say this is how you are supposed to file a claim), had to call them, got booked it for a scratch and dent repair. They couldn't fix the scratch (I guess they cannot fix deeper scratches, only superficial light scratches), and the dent guy didn't even show up. Booked a second time, it was supposed to be done in an hour, I was there for almost 4-hours! Again, couldn't fix the scratch, even though they said they could fix it; dent guy showed up 3 hours late but the dent is fixed! I wasted over 6-hours trying to get some minor work done. If you can drop off the car, that is better, since they don't have quick service. I now need to go to a scratch repair place, since the entire reason I bought the insurance was to fix scratches, but they couldn't even do that! Now, another 2-3 hours will be wasted.

This is a great program. But only for them. They'll smile and tell you all they cover, until you try and make a claim. Then it's a circus folly with all the hoops you have to jump through for your claim to be repeatedly denied. This is like any other program of such. A scam.

Shop on Edm southside does reasonably good work on the body and rims. They don`t do the leather repairs. That is farmed out to Allison at Auto Outlet. I initially needed a repair on my Lexus front driver leather seat back. It was caused by my blue jean jacket as I was entering the car. one of the metal tabs on the jacket was bent and scored the surface of the leather. Allison glued the raised nap and repainted the affected area. It looked good initially buyt after 1 to 11/2 months the paint use started to peel away. I had her over 3 times since with the same results. She started to blame the quality of the leather because she uses the latest technology available and she has been doing this for 10 years. Haaaa on both. I finally had it fixed 3 months ago by Fibernew Edmonton and it looks good as new. A few more months might be different. I hope not.

Excellent prompt service

I curb- rashed my car 2 weeks ago, 3 days after I got my new car. I was so mad of what happened but I was relieved after I remembered that I bought a Smart Program that was offered to me when I bought my car at Sundance Mazda. The process of taking the claim was quick and efficient! Thank you so much Carol- the rep behind the phone- for all your help! More power to the company!

This is by far the biggest waste of your money you could possibly make. I didn't have the luxury of using this service in Edmonton, as I moved away before I could use it. At that time, when I hadn't used the service at all, I tried to get a refund. They assured me that I could use their associated repair man in Calgary when I was getting service done there. The first time, the technician showed up at the end of my maintenance at the Volvo dealership- causing me to be delayed another two hours on my four hour drive back home to where I live. At this time, I asked if I could be refunded again and/or transfer this to a person who lived in Edmonton who could use it, to no such avail. Not only did they decline my request, it took them weeks to respond and even if you did send them an email in the interim, nobody got back to you. I have called and left countless messages, nothing. The second time in Calgary, the technician merely did not show up. Saying it was the Volvo dealerships fault for the timing, yet the technician there didn't call me to confirm the time or date, like he was supposed to. I have also tried to schedule appointments on weekends while I'm in the city, nothing. I bought a new car and asked if they would transfer the program to the new car and no luck. This is an absolutely brutal waste of money and time.

Another scam, stay away from it as far as possible. Calls were newer returned, on-line form was newer replied. How come dealers sell this scam?