Service done right.

Had this windshield replacement coverage through Lexus of Edmonton.
Had a rock chip which immediately propagated into a crack. Lexus Of Edmonton handled the claim with SMART. The claim was quickly approved by SMART and the windshield was replaced and calibrated within days.
I am pleased with the SMART program.

Smart program is a good package and it's worth every penny I paid for.. thank you for the prompt assistance and good customer service.

Chips in windshield and paint. Call request returned next day. Prompt and great service

Got a Windsheild chip. Called on the weekend and got. Return call Monday. Got my car in right way and the chip was repaired quickly and had very friend service. Great service to have.

Very easy to use service! Had a chipped filled within a day and paid for! Friendly staff

Got a rock chip. Made a phone call. Took my truck in to MY glass guy. 20 minutes later, driving down the road.
Doesn't get much easier.
I've read lots of people who got lousy repairs ... blame yourself or that particular glass company, not smartprogram ... they didn't fix it ...

Such a great company. For a few reasons. Very easy to communicate with, and quite responsive. Plus, from my experience, the flexibility to work around my crazy schedule was key to getting the job done. Try em out and see how it goes. Mind isn't a cheap program I bought. But we'll worth it.

Originally not impressed but that was due to poor info from dealership I bought from. Now that I have spoken with someone from the program I am very satisfied and really appreciate the onsite chip repair!!! Would recommend especially living in Calgary where we have gravel on the roads year round!!

I spoke with Amy, from the Smart Program, and she was fantastic. Very helpful and she was able to explain however thing worked.

The only down side with the this, was the simple fact the dealership as far as I can tell did not provide me with any of the steps how to use this. When I asked at the Service counter at Skaha Ford they new nothing, and then with the sales person. It was disappointing that no one could provide me with the information on. The next day I reached out to Candace in the Finance department of all places and she was able to assist.

Hopefully I will not need to replace any more tires, but I certainly have confidence with The Smart Program people.

Thank you

Great experience!

Great experience! Extremely convenient. Staff are always friendly and helpful!

Service was good,3m went on well , just wish ford would of gave them a color match to do the rock chips with as the paint didnt match very good. Would recommend them.

Filing a claim is quick and easy. Highly recommended

Excellent service. Answered all my questions quickly and efficiently. Even contacted someone to help with my window issue. Very friendly and easy to deal with, highly recommended.

Great job and highly recommend this service!

Above and beyond what I was expecting…from the constant communication and the service provided. Excellent job Smart Program. If you don’t have this program…get it!!

On their website there are soooo many promises and guarantees. Don’t be fooled ! was declined a little dent on my door as it was on a small curvature….. I was informed to refer back to the contract and “fine print” when I tried disputing the denied claim. Don’t waste your time or money on this service.

Honestly my two years is almost up and they really exaggerated when I bought my car what they would cover. They did fix the chips in my windshield. Everything else, dents, scratches ect. All seem to be too extensive for them to fix. They don't tell yo that they only fix very very very MINOR small scratches / dents, pretty much ones you cant even see. Everything else is over their responsibility and you have to pay for everything else yourself. I wish I didn't get this it would have been cheaper to pay for the window chips myself since they don't help with anything else. Staff are always pleasant to deal with, I just think the program is useless.

I purchased the smart program option when I bought a vehicle from VW earlier this year and honestly I'm pretty blown away with the customer service. So far I've only had to do windshield chip and crack repairs but the customer service everytime I phone them is very fast and efficient. The customer service reps are very polite and friendly and have an appointment booked usually in under 2 minutes. Not having to spend a bunch of time on the phone jumping through hoops to get repairs done makes things alot easier.

Unfortunately my experience with the Smart Program has recently not been good. I called them to make a repair on my car to an area which they had previously worked on. They refused to fix the repair the second time, saying it wasn't part of their warranty. When I complained they had the original repair shop contact me to fix it, but by then I had already engaged another shop which I trusted. The Smart Program didn't take responsibility for their service... Rather than admit they had contracted the work the first time, they denied it until I proved it to them with dates. They also blamed me for trying to have something repaired which wasn't part of their program when all I had done was contact them to fix the same thing they had done before. I don't know how they expect me to know their internal goings on. They need to take responsibility for the work they contract to have done, rather than blaming their customers and their contractors.

Very happy with service both times. Windshield repair & dent repair. Both guys were great!

I had a good experience with the service provided. I had a rock chip two days after taking delivery on our new vehicle. The system for booking a repair person seemed efficient, communication was done via text message (which is handy when you are at work).

The repair person came to my office in downtown Calgary and met me to proceed to the parkade where I was parked. I showed them the chip and they immediately went to work to repair the chip. This process was a success, you can't even see the spot where the chip used to be.

I'm only giving 4 stars because even though the repair process from initial calling in to meeting the person to fix the chip was smooth. The person arrived in a personal vehicle, was not professionally organized or in any sort of identifiable uniform - even a name tag would've been nice. Therefore my first impression was that of hesitancy to proceed. I almost told him to cancel as I didn't trust that this person was a reputable representative of the company.

Upon first impression, I didn't trust that this process would be successful and second guessed purchasing the extra coverage. I might suggest re-training and or improving on employers identities as they represent SmartProgram. Overall vibe was that some random person in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops was about to work on our brand new vehicle - felt more like an Uber experience rather than the professional impression you get from the brochure and the initial selling of this service from the dealership.

Thank you for the repair!

Great service.

The Tech arrived right on time and completed all services as required.

I had a rock chip in my windshield. When I called the Smart Program it took less than 5 minutes to take my information and find a location near me to perform the repair. They are not tied to one repair shop so it was very convenient to find a location. The repair was done the same day with no issues or charges at the shop as they had the paperwork from the Smart Program office and I was on my way in 10 minutes.

We purchased the Smart Program when we bought our 2020 Mazda. We have used it twice for windshield replacement…fast, efficient and painless experiences :)

I Had a lot of repairs I found out that all I do is call them and they get in touch with the company’s and fix it up. Definitely worth the extra money in my mind. They do a great job.

Received a serious stone chip on our windshield and took it to a glass shop expecting it to be unrepairable. They were able to repair it and we were promptly reimbursed by the Smart Program. Excellent response time and excellent service and repair!

Problems solved. Prompt response.

Timely and great customer service

I purchased the Smart Program when I bought my 2016 Escape in thing I ever did. Paint F/X just did some repairs to the hatch and did an AMAZING job! There were some rust spots, a small dent and a very visible scratch on my hatch. They came and picked up the car and repaired it so the hatch looks brand new! I highly reccommend Paint F/X. The guys who picked up and dropped off my car were great...very friendly. I'm very glad I purchased the Smart Program.

I am blown away!! My car was side swiped in a parking lot years ago, as you can see below they really did a number on me. I added the Smart Program when refinancing my car, and I'm so glad I did!! They did such a good job on the repair, I'm very happy with it!!

Absolutely amazing service and warranty. We had the smart package put on at our dealership, which we regret because after two attempts, it still wasn't doing what it was supposed to do.. (ceramics). But thru Smarts warranty program, they had us go to MingShine and holy cow, what a difference.. absolutely stunning and great service.. the reps @ Smart were very professional and prompt , easy to deal with

I am very upset I purchased 84 months of the Smart Program for $1100.00 last June on a new Toyota Rav 4 and I just traded it in for a Toyota Tacoma. When I called the customer service line they informed me I cannot transfer the program to my new vehicle and I cannot cancel the program and get my money back. So I’ve spent $1100 on nothing very disappointed this is not right and just because they say it’s on their contract that I sign does it make it right it’s still wrong you should be able to transfer it to your new vehicle or cancel for a refund. Do not buy this as it is not worth it.

Amazing service, Bobbi responded very quick and organized my dent repair and paint chips to get fixed. All done right at my house and on time. I highly recommend the smart program, so worth it!

I’ve used this service to repair a couple glass chips and multiple paint chips as I do a lot of highway driving. They also fixed a couple of scratches on my bumper. My car still looks new. I’m definitely glad I got this protection when I bought my car.

I don't even know how are they making money out of this program. All I can say is they treated my vehicle very well and so far they've been pleasant to deal with. I feel more secure driving my car now that I have this program!

Really good service, quick and convenient. I do wish there would be better protection for windshields that end up cracking after a chip fill.

I highly recommend this service. I called for a chip repair and had an appointment within the hour. Everyone I spoke with was incredibly professional.

Tech was here on time and repaired quickly
Thank You

I called Smart Program Inc,.and the gentleman on the phone was great to deal with. He told me I would be getting a call from the shop that would be doing the work on my vehicle. Got the call from the shop.real quick and booked the appointment. The shop fixed my door dings and some scratches. Great service and very easy to get done. I'm super happy I got the Smart Progam.
Thanks SmartProgram Inc.

I was hesitant to pay extra for the Smart Program when I bought my new vehicle. I am so glad that I did! I had a rock chip within weeks of my purchase and the process to have it repaired was seamless. I submitted online. Someone called me to schedule and they came right to my place of work to fix the chip. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you ????

It was so easy to get my chip repair done. I just made a call to the SMART number and they set it all up. I went in and 30 minutes later it was done and I drove home. Love the program

I was told that when I brought my vehicle into the shop for maintenance I would get my window repaired too. I was also told that if I needed another to come repair my window that wouldn’t be a problem. The guy at the front desk worked hard for me to get my windshield repaired at the dealership, which I am grateful for. The only way I understand that you will come to my space is if I have a garage? So if I get another chip which I will I will get to make an appointment with you and come into the city to have this looked after. This isn’t as convenient as it was sold to me. My chips are still quite visible and am unsure if this program was right for me?

I had this program gifted from the auto dealer and they are fantastic! I bought a dealer demo so it had some dings and scratches so right after I bought it they fixed those all up. About six months later I got a deep door scratch and they fixed that up no problem either. Communication is great. You email them then they text back with a time for the technician. They come to your house. And are done with in an hour. And you completely can’t see where the dings were. I’m not sure of what the cost is because it was given to me but highly likely I’d pay for because it’s so well worth it

Love this program!!! It is my second vehicle with it now. Had them send someone to my work yesterday on short notice to fill a big rock chip before it could crack in the changing weather. It is like it never happened. Highly recommend!!!

Awesome experience, the mean time to resolve was fantastic. Colin was assigned to do the repairs, Such a great, patient, fun and reasonable guy. I will spread the good word

Dealing with SmartProgram was a breeze! The scratch on my vehicle is now completely gone, and my car looks brand new again! I highly recommend buying SmartProgram from your dealership as it’s so worth it. My car hasn’t looked this good in a while! The staff was very friendly and went above and beyond when booking me in as I have a crazy schedule. Thanks again!

Submitted a ticket on Sunday late afternoon, was contacted by Monday late morning that a service rep will reach out, soon enough Steve from Okotok reach out to arrange for a meeting. Steve came the next day to work to complete the crack repair on site without me having to do anything. Dealership wasn't comfortable to do the crack but Steve did a very good job. First time with smart program and always doubted whether the money was well spent or not, I think I have my answer now.

Don’t hesitate to get the smart program! I had hit a pot hole and blew the tire and damaged the rim. I have to say I was totally amazed at how they handled the situation. Claude who I dealt with was kind, patient, respectful and with courtesy he dealt with everything. He texted me with updates and there was no hassle at all. I have to admit when buying this warranty I was a bit skeptic because of other warranties I’ve had in the past. This was honestly an awesome program so thankful to them and I will always return to them when buying a car. Thank you for your wonderful service that you provided.

This is my first Smart Program purchase, and I am very pleased. The window crack repair and chips were very well done. I had some panel damage which was greater that color tech could fix - so disappointed there. Overall - I am very pleased. Dave

The program is a really good idea for those of us who want to extend the value of our vehicle. Having a better variety of service providers to choose from would be a bonus, as the one horse barn that we've been dealing with leads to lower customer attention issues as , where else you gonna go under the program? Having to go back 3 times to try and get the same chips and scratches dealt with as they will only do so many panels at a time, is not good especially when you live 1.5 hours from the service provider.

They are very responsible and responsive team and follow up the calls and solve the problem very quick.
Also the shop they sent my car was very good with professional, nice and respectful peoples.
I appreciate SmartProgram service and recommend to use it.

My experience with SmartProgram is excellent. Bobbie who dealt with my case made it super smooth and easy going. Bobbie gets back to you right away after finding a technician for repairs. I highly recommend this service.

I highly recommend folks out there purchase SmartProgram coverage when you get a new vehicle. They have been really great for me with issues like tire punctures (2) and a wind shield chips.

A HUGE thumbs up to service rep Bobby Gervan, best and most prompt service I have seen/received in years. Keep up the great work SmartProgram Team.

Amazing service at Kipp Scott GMC. Whitney Arnold had my vehicle booked in for a windshield rock chip and it was completed right away. Great program!

I confess to having been skeptical of this program like anything else I buy in the finance office of a car dealership. There was no need for any skepticism. When I had a claim for a cracked windshield, it was handled quickly in a friendly professional manner. I would not hesitate to buy this program again.

Windshield rock chip - phoned and talked to a real person immediately. 5 minutes later had appointment to do repair. Great service

awesome service, glad I purchased!

This was the easiest program i have ever been a part of over a warranty. Everything was done over text and couldn't be simpler. Highly reccomend!

Very fluid and frictionless, would highly recommend to anyone

I have never been a fan of these "Extended coverage" programs. Always a hassle and something is always not covered.

NOT with the Smart Program. If they say it's covered, it's covered, period.

This is hands down the best extended coverage on the market. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this program and the people who run it. Bobbi is so easy to deal with and has some of the best customer service skills I have ever encountered. When I did have an issue (Which was Pandemic related timing), Bobbi went above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of and satisfied.

I will always get this coverage if it is available .

Thankyou to manager James Fleck.

This is a great program, I am very happy with the purchase! I had a few paint chips, scratches and door dings to repair. The operator Bobby was super nice and professional, the mobile repair technician was amazing! They actually came to my place and did a great job! Thank you! Highly recommended!

Best service extremely quick to get someone to come to my house to fix a rock chip.

Very pleased with the phone service and appointment setting provided..Extremely pleased with the technician who drove over 100 km to our house in the snow, on icy roads, to fix the windshield so it wouldn't crack any further, causing me to have to purchase another one. The technician was polite, helpful, informative and quick. Nice to get this caliber of service out in the country. Ming Shine rocks!!

Steve in okotoks is really good he takes pride in his work and goes the extra mile to make sure everything is done and done right. Plus nice garage as well.

They are very easy to contact, accommodate and assist you well with the process and your appointment to where you want to repair your windshield that is close to you… thumbs up to the agent…

I have used The Smart Program twice is just as many months since I purchased my new truck. First time was a fairly simple repair of a dent underneath the 3M which SmartProgram helped me find a shop that will do the work.

Second incident, a biker wiped out on the sidewalk and left a deep scratch in the car while we were parked. He had already left but we saw the dashcam footage afterwards.

The first shop tried to repair the scratch but did not do a very good job. It actually made the scratch more visible and I was not very happy about the quality of work performed. I called SmartProgram and explained the situation to Bobbi Gervan. This is where I became very impressed with the SmartProgram and the excellent customer service from Bobbi. She contacted multiple technicians and found New Creations to come out to my home to perform the repair. Although the scratch wasn't 100% removed (which isn't his fault as it was very deep and would need repainting), it looked way better. The pics looks worse than it actually is as you can't even see the scratch from most angles.

I'm very happy with the SmartProgram and big shout out to Bobbi and New Creations (unfortunately, I forgot the technician's name). The claim process was super easy and customer service is excellent. I hope I don't have to use them again but if I do, I can rest assured they will help me as best they can.

Super quick and easy to deal with! Amazing service! Will be back again I’m sure…after all, I live in Edmonton and rock chips are bound to happen!

I'm glad I purchased this program when I bought my car. In just one easy phonecall, they sent someone over within the same day to fix a chip on my windshield and they also quickly booked an appointment for a dent to be fixed. Now less than a week later, my car is all fixed ???? Thank you!

I purchased a new vehicle in Feb of 2021 and this program has nearly paid itself off. There are a few other testimonies about how quick and hassle free this program is and I can attest.

Windshield was damaged and replaced within 7 days (had to wait for glass to arrive as I got the OEM)

2 times scratches were repaired quickly. The 2nd guy didnt do the best job, but im sure it'll be fixed the 3rd time I call and book.

Bobbi is stellar!

These people have super fast service, I got a couple of rock chips on my windscreen on a Sunday evening. I texted the Smartprogram and had a response bright and squirrely in the morning. By 10 that day they had scheduled Crystal Glass to come fix my chips.

This is a great program and so happy I paid into it when I bought my Lexus. What the dealership did not tell me is they could come to my home to do the minor repairs. However, I did get a good vehicle cleaning which it badly needed so no regrets at all.

Did not expect these cosmetic coverage program to actually pay off!!!

So when I refinanced my car, I added on “The Smart Program” which covers door dings and minor stretches etc.

So I emailed the company, Bobbi who handled my case quickly booked me to a local shop right away, which was with Ming Shine South, literally ZERO HASSLE, dropped off, they ordered me an Uber to take me home, 45 mins later, called and ordered me another Uber to take me back to the shop.

The driver sides ding was pulled out completely just the paint they couldn’t match it which was not big deal.
The passenger rear side had a long dent and now it’s nice and smooth!

And I paid nothing it’s all covered under the program!!!

The guys are really doing good job. Thanks for your help.

Ultimate Auto Care fixed the wrong place on my vehicle. I will work with them to straighten this out. They are very easy to work with.

First time using program for a cracked windshield. Process was easy and fast.

Very pleased with Smart Program. Excellent service from receptionist whom I spoke with. Mark the tech contacted me within a couple hours to set up date and time. He came to my residence, did a professional job on the scratches etc on my 2022 PHEV Mitzi outlander. So glad I purchased this when I purchased my new car although I was sceptical about it but not any more.

I am so glad we purchased the Smart Program when we purchased our car. A quick call in to their office and they set me up immediately with an appointment for them to come to my house and repair some rock chips and paint chips. The service was quick, efficient and we are super happy. Amazing people work for this company.

Needed to get a small windshield chip repaired. Smartprogram responded quickly to my phone call and immediately arranged to have the repair done at a local shop. Very satisfied with the service.

I'm so impressed- I called the program this am because I had a small chip on my window and a few around my car and Colin came out this afternoon- was so friendly and even found chips I hadn't pointed out to him! Excellent service!!!

I've been using the Smart Program in Red Deer, AB since 2014. The shop they use for cosmetic auto repairs in my town is Color-Tech, who does a wonderful /professional job. I also used the Smart Program while on vacation in the Rockies in Hinton, AB for a minor rock chip repair. This was over two years ago, so I don't recall the name of the glass shop but their work was great and was performed in a timely manner. Here's a good example of peace of mind to take away on vacation! If you are looking to maintain your vehicle in showroom condition, Smart Program is the way to go as they offer quality minor cosmetic repairs with excellent customer service! Thank you Smart Program for giving me peace of mind along with proud ownership of my vehicle!

Great service, easy to book and fast response.
Twice used for minor scratches and dents and all taken care

i recently utilized the Smart Program for some scratch/touch up repairs and was very happy with the work that Bobby did for me. Not only did we arrange to get the work done, Bobbi arranged with the dealership here in town to use there shop free of charge. Over and above!! This is the 2nd time I have used this program and I am glad I got it when I purchased my vehicle. Well worth it folks!

When I bought my Audi S5 three years ago, I bought this warranty package for my leather interior and factory windshield. When I got a crack in my windshield last month and called to make a claim, I was expecting to have to press my case for this $1,600 claim. To my surprise, it was one of the easiest warranty claims I’ve ever had. Very friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

A deer decide to pick a fight with the side of my car and left a few scratches on my side door. I phoned and they had me booked in within 2 days. They even got the scratches out. Great service. The window chips the tech even comes to you.

Used this program for my RV for mouse spray, program is good and so was the company doing the work. The only issue I have with it though was the location, it is fine for smaller RV's but trying to get my 43 foot toy hauler in there was tight and nerve racking. This should be noted when offering this service for larger RV's. Once this programs runs out I will not be back for that for this reason only. It would be nice to have another location available that is suitable for larger units.

I spoke to the Smart Program staff and they were very friendly & helpful. I was immediately followed up with a text to confirm the service I was going to receive. I had a prompt call for Crystal Glass & the person they sent the next morning fixed my window chips in the convenience of my own garage.

Two windshield chips within a week and no problems. No hassle, all covered and good as new!!

Went and had my trailer sprayed with mouse deterrent. Fast and efficient. Excellent employees. Third year going here and will continue to come back

I purchased the smart program along with the tire & rim service with my new truck and I am so glad I did! It was defiantly worth it. I had to replace a tire and a small dent to repair. Made one call and within hours everything was set up. Bailey was the dent repair guy and he was very professional and quick. This is a great program and I highly recommend it.

Wonderful service and hands-free. Really recommend to buy this coverage on your luxury vehicles.

Got this service included in the purchase of our new vehicle. We got a scratch in the bumper shortly after purchasing and called. The scratch was deeper, almost going down to metal and we knew that it may only be able to be surface fixed, which was okay and was very obvious unless close up. They painted over the scratched area without lightly buffing the edges and it was a sloppy paint job and now was very obvious where the scratch was. The paint applied to scratched area was globbed on . We ended getting it redone by another outfit where it turned out considerably better and not noticeable now.

Typically we are not interested in after purchase products when we buy something new but when we calculated that it would only cost us 36 cents per day, we didn't see a down side. Within 5 days of taking our new vehicle home we had our first door ding, arghh! and then a sizable hood scratch. When you call Smartprogram you get to speak with a real person. My 2 experiences have been 100% positivie. I am so happy we invested in this program.

Service was prompt and repair was completed and not ability to even see the dent that was removed. Person completing the service was very accomodating and friendly. Highly recommend

I'd like to give 10 stars for SmartProgram if I could!!
Super fast response and super friendly as well.
I definitely recommend SmartProgram to anyone.
Thank you so much, Bobbi! :)

Very good program, I would recommend it to anyone to get. Very positive experience for us.

I got the program when I bought my vehicle and sure glad that I did! Super easy to use! Service was great and quick. All contact and appointments were booked in less than an hour. Staff was friendly! I recommend this program to everyone, especially if you buy a new vehicle!

I got a tiny scratch in my hatch after it defaulted. I love having the Smartprogram, as it did not cost me anything to get it repaired.
However, the Dealership did an awful job and the tiny scratch is not concealed at all and they got paint on my bumper. I'm wondering if the Smartprogram can make them do a better job next time.

Excellent experience using my "Smart Program" for the first time to have two door dents removed using the service they provide.
Hassle free with authorization to have the dents looked after promptly at United Auto Care in Lethbridge.
Thank you :)

Very good service. Called for touch up paint. They were very accommodating and got there tech to fix it with very short notice.. highly recommend this service when purchasing a new vehicle to have a service to fix those dings in your paint and windshield chips.

Fast friendly service on both our newer vehicles. Big rock dent with paint chip on my roof has disappeared! Looks awesome. And dings on the second vehicle look great too. Thankful now to have the service when needed.

Really very very good program 110% I recommend to buy this program with your new or any car very effective. A man came to my house for this service is very polite and very professional.check my all car and give 100% service.????????

I had purchased the Smart Program when I got my new car. After getting two door dents in parking lots, I decided it was time to call. Super fast and friendly service, and I loved that they were able to come to my work and take care of it for me. The technician apologized that he could only get one of the dents out 85%, but it looks so much better that I was thrilled. I only wish I could have bought a 10 year program!

Had my rear polished well than what I was expected. Christian and his co-worker is very helpful.

The program is responsive and very efficient with communication.
The service work was done professionally and to my satisfaction.
If you have a newer vehicle I recommend this program

Excellent service. The found a quick solution to my issue based on my availability.

I would definitely recommend this program, it’s the best!! My truck looks brand new again

Great company and well worth the price when purchasing a new vehicle. Had one appt for paint chip touch up and one for a small door ding. Technicians were very professional and knew their trade. In and out in no time and at my residence. Wont' be scared to call again to take advantage of the program.

I recommend who purchase a new vehicle with the smart program Is worth it. And worried free where to fix your vehicle when things happen.

Very good experience. I had some scratches on the front bumper of the new vehicle and got in touch with Bobbi at smart program and he was extremely quick to not only look at pics and offer input but also able to schedule the touchup and repair service at the time /day that worked best for me and the results after the work was done was very good

It took only a few minutes to report my issue, and have it created. No hassle from nice and understanding representative.

My claim was settled a few days later. Wonderful dealing with this type of company. Many thanks to Claude for awesome help!

Quick fast service, we made one call to get windshield chip repair.
They made us an appointment for the next day.
Very good program. Windshield now repaired.

Promised made are promised delivered with SmartProgram. I recently had my 2020 Escalade windshield replaced. SmartProgram quickly made arrangements with my Cadillac dealership for replacement. Hassle free and professional team. Highly recommend their program.

The program is one way not to be searching who is going to fix your brand new car purchase

Great service and got the dents fixed right away.

Would get the smart program for any of my cars.

Quick to respond. Got all repairs fixed.

Excellent efficient fast service

I'm so glad that I added SmartProgram when I bought my van. It saved me a lot of money. Kudos to Bobbi Gervan! She helped me a lot. I told her that I was not satisfied with the first shop that fixed the paint scratches and dents so she contacted other shop to fix the problem. She will not stop until I am satisfied. She also helped me fixing the rock chips on my windshield. She is very fast in solving the problem. I recommend adding SmartProgram when purchasing a new vehicle.
Thank you so much, SmartProgram and Bobbi.

Had the dent and scratch removal done to my vehicle. Car looks just as good as the day I drove it off the lot. Hassle free and would highly recommend!

Great program, have had 3 dents repaired and the work was done very well and quickly. Friendly staff and technicians.

Smartcare is an amazing program. They are prompt with their service and really care about their customers.

First and only time using the service (so far). Booking was simple. Arrived at the house and had the scratches solved within 20 minutes.

This is a must-have program for new or old cars. Saves you huge cost at a reasonable overall fee. Customer Service is prompt and they help you locate a provider close to home or work. This is extremely beneficial and the providers are top in class for the service you need.

Our CS Bobbi, was accommodating and booked us at our convenience time and location. I didn't have to miss work or leave the car at the workshop to get some paint work and windshield chip work taken care of. 5 Star service indeed! This is my repurchase for my new car from an old car in addition to my spouse car.

Excellent service. Customer care representative Bobbi was REALLY helpful. I moved to Ontario and she made sure that I my car was taken care of here.

Friendly and professional. I've enjoyed having the SMART Program help me take care of my car. Thank you!!

The SmartProgram is wonderful. Easy to access, prompt and efficient response to my claim. The program has certainly served me well. I felt they were also able to professionally and efficiently find a local service provider to help me.

I received excellent service getting my rock chip repaired. I made a phone call to the 1-888 number and my repair was quickly arranged with a local repair shop that had the repair done in the same day. Thank you.

Bobbi was professional, quick to respond and took care of all my questions and needs. I was extremely impressed with the customer service and the communication. I would definitely recommend.

From the moment my call was picked up by Claude when I called in I knew I was in good hands. I was slotted in for a technician call back within 24 hours, and the call came in from Steve, within 8! Steve booked me in the following day and service was mobile, quick on time, professional and absolutely amazing all around! Exceptionally well Done Steve, Claude and Alla! Highly recommend!

Program is worth the money. Took a full 5 year plan on my superduty and have had over 15 rock chips fixed, 2 new windshields installed, undercoating touched up, and a number of paint chips and scratches fixed, including 1 that was over 4' long. Truck still looking great and will get top dollar for it when i trade it off next year

Easy to book the call for service, very professional and satisfying service.

Glad I purchased Smart Glass Protection. Quick and pleasant to deal with.

Great & quick guaranteed service! Highly recommend it

I am very glad that i purchased the smart program deal. No matter how hard you tried, it's very difficult to avoid scratches and dents. Someone will always park, good or bad, close to your vehicle. And those chips from the vehicle in front of you on the highway, is worse. I had a nick on my windshield fixed after a pebble struck it. A scratch on my bumper as well was repaired that it can hardly be noticed. Thanks for a wonderful job.

Excellent service provided and I would recommend this program to anyone. I had 2 chips in my windshield that needed repair as they happened at the same time. I literally had an appointment made for me within 25 minutes of my initial call and the repair was made without issue.

We had a pretty deep scratch on our front door and the Tech did his absolute best to buff it up but unfortunately we still need a fix on body work to get rid of the scratch. You certainly cant see the scratch unless you look at closely or run your fingers thru! Bobbi was very accommodating in scheduling and overall service was excellent!

I absolutely recommend buying the smart program when you buy a new vehicle! Super duper easy to send in claims. Im getting a scratch longer than 12” fixed(with multiple claims, fixed in one day), plus 12 rock chips I'm my paint! You send them the pictures and then I just had to call the auto fixing shop and then they fix it for you- for free!
Thank you Smart Program!!! I will update this after I get my repair done today(for quality).

I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. My door was dinged a few weeks ago. I called to customer service number and sent over pictures of the damage. A few minutes later, I was able to schedule an appointment to have the damage repaired. The tech came to my office and repaired it while I was at work. The work is beautiful, you would never know it was dinged. Thank so much!

Fixed my seat in no time just like new. Great service

Took a rock in the windshield of my brand new truck. Less than 5 minutes on the phone with them and they sent a technician to my driveway in 24 hours. Easy!

I like the staff in SmartProgram. Best customer service, very friendly and polite. One time they had a miscommunication with the shop and had me booked but there was no technician, so when i came there and told them, they were willing to refund my gas and direct me to other shop and refund the cost. Very good experience. My friend had the same experience from a different agent and he was happy too! Claude was the one who helped me from Smart Program and I recommend that guy. ????

I recommend Smart Program to all. New and used vehicles. It just happened that I lost my car key twice and both times it was immediately replaced no questions asked. My car seat was fixed in no time. Great friendly customer service 10 stars all around.

Great service!

So glad I purchased Smart program protection for my vehicle. Always happy with the efficiency of the service & the work performed.

The office called a few minutes ahead indicating when the technician was to arrive. The technician, Thompson, was right on time and was very courteous and helpful. I had a small rust spot that he sanded before painting. There were lots of small chips and he got them all.
Very professional.

This program is an amazing value and the service team looks after their customers. I have had windshield and paint chip situations, which were both taken care of immediately by their friendly team. I highly recommend this program!

Excellent program!! I had the convenience of having some of the issues on my car resolved at my doorstep. I would strongly recommend everyone to consider this program on your new car purchase.

I had someone out to fix a dent and he was awesome!! Came out in the heat wave and did a great job.

Recommend buying this service with a brand new vehicle purchase.

Top notch work was able to get it in and out within the hour

Excellent program, highly recommend everyone to purchase this. I’ve used them to fix scuff on front wheel, cleaned up permanent ink mark off the drivers seat, cleaned up scratches on the dash, everything looks like new. I’ve recouped my cost already and still have 4 years left!!
Excellent work????

Great customer service. Just sent an email with repairs needed and I was given a call the same day to get booked in. When I wasn't happy with the job the first company did, Bobbi with the Smart Program did everything she could to make me happy. She was patient with me, listening to my complaints and very helpful in finding me somewhere else I could go so that I would be satisfied with my repairs.

I’m so glad I purchased the smart program when I purchased my new car. I’ve had four years without a ding on my door until last month. I was so upset. Then I remembered I could get the door dent repaired and it is still under warranty as I purchased the 7 year smart program. There was a repair shop in Red Deer where I live and it was fixed in about an hour. I just called the smart program and they arranged everything. It looks just like new. Thanks Smart Program.

I purchased the smart program with my new vehicle in 2017. Since then I have used their service twice. The first time was in 2019 for some paint chip repairs. The second time in June 2021 to repair some paint scratches. Both time, the repair was very good and the service technicians were top notch and very personable. Very happy that I purchased the smart program. Thanks for the great service.

It’s really great service. I would recommend to buy this .

Our experience so far with Smartprogram has been awesome so far. We’ve had 2 rock ships repairs on the windshield and a door dent on the drivers door. All 3 experiences have been great. Bailey came directly to our house for the dent repair and was done in under 2 hours. Very quick and easy to deal with each time.

I have had 2 repairs done for scratches on paint I suspect from people rubbing along the car in the rediculous small parking stalls at most malls. Both repairs were done very well and quickly. Other than the "it's all included" strong arm approach at the dealership I would recommend this service.

The smart program works! Very easy to use.

I would recommend that everyone purchases the Smart Program. Alla, the representative I dealt with, is absolutely amazing. She is friendly and extremely competent. From the moment I called, she handled everything in a pleasant and professional manner. Both Alla and Ming Shine - where I took my vehicle for the windshield coating - were so helpful and kind, the whole experience was made easy.

(Translated by Google) Very good service, efficient, courteous and understanding.

Très bon service, efficace, courtois et compréhensif.

I’ve been apart of the smart program for less than a year, live in a Windy City and have taken a few rock chips to the paint of my vehicle.
I was a extremely surprised at how well and smoothly this program is.
Probably one of the best purchases I’ve made in my entire life.
I have coworkers who also have the program and they swear by it!

In the past, I've only dealt with Bobbi at Smartprogram and she has always been helpful. My recent interaction with 2 other agents has been less than stellar. I was given conflicting information and I personally hate when people just read verbatim a policy in response to my inquiry...which, by the way, I can do for myself...or respond robotically. Listening and hearing are 2 different things.
However, all said and done, my appointments for repairs were quickly set up when it was convenient for me...A+! The body shop repairs and wheel rim repairs were done by separate companies and the results are stunning & friendly customer service. Highly recommend their repair shops.
The Smartprogram isn't cheap but it is well worth it to have!

The Smart program seems to worth it right now. I live in Calgary and I have already had two chips in my windshield fixed, once with Crystal glass and the other through my dealership. No questions asked, no hassles and the process is very easy and convenient.

I have used the service twice. Appointments were easy to make and scheduled to suit you. Both times the same person did the requested repairs. He was on time, friendly and competent. I am very pleased with the service.

The lady I dealt with was BEYOND polite! She was so eager to help me. All I had to do was pick the place I was getting my windshield fixed and she called them for me, set everything up, took care of the payment and everything! I dropped my car off and was done in 20 mins. So quick and easy! Amazing service.

The smart program is awesome, if you ask them to send to to Kevin and paint fx in edmonton they do a awesome job at fixing paint chips and scratches. I've also had a few door dings an just tried the dent wizard and they completely got rid of my dents. I am certain I am costing them more than what I paid for this service with the amount i use it to fix my paint.

SmartProgram provided an efficient and convenient way to get a rock chip fixed on my car.

The best thing I did was to buy Smartprogram with my new car. The service is impeccable and fast. Once the program expires I will be extending it, it's that good.

Very quick response. And take their client seriously.

This is my first vehicle I’ve purchased the smartprogram on and boy is it worth it! Apparently people love to ding my car in parking once I had 3 dents/scuffs I took my car in for an assessment. I was able to book an appointment the next week. Staff were super friendly, and the key drop program made my experience even smoother. My car looks brand new again.

Called Smart Program and I got an appointment right away the next day & the job was done right away. When ever you buy a brand new vehicle purchasing the Smart Program is a must. I recommend buying this service with a brand new vehicle purchase.

Really good experience with the program so far, I got a new car last fall and I've already use the program twice, for the last interior repair, Joe came to my place to fix my car, he did an amazing job and he was great!

Called late one afternoon and had the chip in our windshield repaired the next day before noon. Very impressed

Smartprogram has been absolutely wonderful to deal with. No hassles, very quick service and top-notch work. Very glad that I purchased this program with my new car and well worth the money spent!!

Ultimate did an amazing job thanks to the smart program it would have cost us well over $600 without this program

This a great program and they do a wonderful job.

To sum up the experience in a single word - “outstanding”

I'm sure glad that I purchased the Windshield replacement plan. Before I could put 2000 km's on my car I got hit and the glass cracked. I had the first one repaired but then I got hit really hard and before I could get it fixed the glass cracked all the way across.
Smartprogram staff were so friendly and helpful in getting my new windshield installation booked. No hassles. I highly recommend this program.

insanely painless to get everything sorted. highly recommended!

The service by the two gentlemen were supportive, helpful, reliable and courteous!

Very quick and efficient. My car looks like new again! A must-have for every owner

I recently made a claim through this program and it was super easy and no hassle. I was a little unsure if I should purchase this insurance program but thought I would give in a chance. I am extremely glad I did. I would highly recommend the Smartprogram.

Usually dealerships shoves all the extras down your throat. But I am super happy that I cabe to this one.

I drove and had a rock hit me. I phoned in and BOBBI was amazing. She help me. Did the referral to the repair place and was so helpful and professional. Explaining all what would be the next steps.

One very happy customer. Definitely worth adding to a new vehicle purchase

From my call to the 1 888 number till I got a call from Steve in Okotoks was within an hour. Steve happen to have time right away, so the rock chip was gone in no time. Awesome service

Was fast and easy

I was completely overjoyed with the super fast response I received from the staff at The Smart Program. Total service in less than 20 minutes, In a few minutes later I was thru the windshield repair shop.The entire process allowed me to barely enough time to drink just half of my coffee!!

Lethbridge, AB

Very great customer service !! They got back to me so quick
I was on the highway coming back from Canmore and got a rock chip on my brand new vehicle I called right away and within 5 mins I was getting a call from crystal glass ! I was still on the highway I was shocked at how quick it was
Great service and great program to be a part of !! I highly recommend for all new vehicle owners
Veronica :)

Highly recommended. So easy to deal with and make a claim, friendly and professional service at a very affordable price. It’s more than payed for itself in the first 2 years of having the coverage.

I was hoping to not have to use this program but my truck did get scratched up. The service to address the scratches was quick and painless and an overall positive experience. I would highly recommend to others.

Very good job fixing my dent

love this program!

Quick repair of a rock chip in my windshield. Came to me (at work) and finished the job without any complications. I didn't need to miss any work time which is greatly appreciated. Excellent service.

Really easy to work with. I called them to get a chip repaired and told them I was already on the way to the shop. When I got there the shop was ready for me and no out of pocket cost for chip repairs.

I had 3 windshield stone chips in one week! They were repaired at Glassmasters in under an hour. Great job.

I got some rock chips on my windshield repaired and was surprised at how fast and easy the process was!

I was skeptical at first; my dealer built the program into my monthly payment, but after 6 months the Smartprogram is as promised, very easy to do business with, very easy to work with, will be a must buy on my next new vehicle!

Excellent, knowledgeable service. Very easy and fast to access service. Thank you.

We have had very positive experiences with the SmartProgram—quick and easy to schedule and great peace of mind for the scratches and small dents from daily use. Would recommend for sure.

glad I had the coverage. They were quick to respond and vendors were high quality!

Communication to make arrangements to get the scratch repaired was very prompt by having an appointment with a tech within a week of phone call.
The tech was on time and did an excellent job of fixing the repair. He then took us to show and explain what he did to do the repair.
Over all we were very pleased with the repair and the service.

Everything was done as expected. Seamless. I am very happy with the outcome.

Had a great service. Everything was dealt with quickly

Pretty straightforward and easy to deal with as long as you have your account info.
Its really worth for new cars that end up for mostly highway driving. It is a good money saver for Auto body maintenance.

Must have esp if you re always on the highway ????. Made my booking easy.

We never purchased a production plan before but are we ever glad we did now. Our brand new suv got a scratch and I contacted the smart program and was booked in within a week. Excellent service and workmanship very highly recommended for any vehicle owner best investment for your ride ????

I couldn’t be any happier that I got the smart program. It’s already paid for itself with what I’ve needed to use it for. Everyone should have this program.

Wonderful group to deal with. Fast, efficient, and a certain pleasure. No if ands or buts about taking care of the customer. My kind of company to deal with.

I hesitated to buy yet another insurance pkg at the time I purchased my 2020 Jeep in August 2020. I am glad I did. The Smart program is a wonderful package to deal with minor scratches, dents and scuff marks. Simple and easy to access. No long wait. Immediate attention. The work done was excellent, stress free, and almost immediate. The Smart program is a hidden gem. I highly recommend this program without hesitation or reservation.

I am glad I made the decision to buy the smart program when I purchased my new car in Edmonton, my recent experience using this program was great particularly how customer care agent Kayla handled the claim, very efficient and very responsive on phone calls and e mails until dent on my new car was repaired by the recommended technician with no paint and completely gone now. Based on my experience I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to maintain the appearance of a new car.

First experience with Lexus for maintenance and all went great they picked up the vehicle washed and cleaned as well as oil change and windshield repair then returned to home as scheduled ????

My experience Kayla was really great! All customer service personnel’s should have a bubbly personality like hers. Other than a minor hiccup, it was a really amazing experience dealing with this company

I called on a holiday weekend and they got back to me first day back & arrange the window repair instantly. So far I am happy with the service.

I got my first chip in my windshield, I submitted my report and it said within 2 business days I’d hear back. I heard back a few minutes later and everything had been taken care of. I highly recommend this to anyone! They were so fast and so easy to deal with. I’m super impressed!!

This is a really good service. I have used it 3 times now with no issues. I always got my issues looked at the same day or the next day. All the service providers that I have dealt with have been great as well.

This service worked out well for me in terms of promptness, convenience, affordability, professionalism, and quality workmanship.

Great customer service, they really took care of me!

The Smartprogram is so easy to use. I’ve had the misfortune of having 8 rock chips over the past year and a half. I’ve had them all filled under the Smartprogram. You just call them to get a work order/PO# and book an appointment. Done deal.

This service and repair was quick, easy, and they came directly to me. Within 10 minutes my rock chip was repaired and I didn’t even have to take it in... easiest appointment ever! Thanks Smart Program!!!

This program is so easy and they are so great to work with. I will make sure the next vehicle I buy has the option to use the Smart Program.

Love love love this program! I made a claim for a scratch on my car online, and they called me promptly, found a repair centre and made sure they informed me of the booking process every step of the way. The repair centre (Canadian Express Repair) rep, Garry was amazing. He provided flexible times to drop and pick up my car. Besides removing and repainting the scratch, he gave the car a deluxe wash! The entire process was so seamless! I would never buy a car without adding Smartprogram. It was worth it and more. Thank you so much!

I love this program. Just a simple call and everything is taken care of. This was the best thing Ford added to their program. Kayla was very friendly and wanted to make sure everything was taken care of. Great job.

I have a 3yr policy with Smartprogram Inc. on my lease vehicle and it is the best thing I could have done, excellent value. Parking lot scratches, rubbed wheel rims and a small hole in the back of a seat have all been repaired back to their original condition. Kayle at Smartprogram has provided excellent and prompt service with the various repair companies that Smart program uses. The technician that have made the repairs were professional and did excellent work.

My truck was damaged by a hit and run while parked in a mall parking lot. Something dented and marked/scratched the paint on my tailgate. The Smart Program was extremely helpful and professional. They set me up with a dent repair shop and then a paint repair specialist who had the truck looking brand new once again. I did not have to go through insurance where I would have had to pay a deductible and my premiums would have been affected.

What a great service! They were very quick to respond and send technicians out to the house. In fact they came the next day! Love this package and well worth it!

Very fast and efficient service. I would highly recommend to add this to your vehicle and make your life easier.

Valerie is an amazing Representative for Smart Program. She is always super friendly and has amazing customer service. I highly recommend Smart Program!!

Every vehicle owner needs this program!!! Not only is it a no brainer ( we are going to get rock chips etc.) the ease of making a claim or needing a repair done is effortless! I have gotten so much positive feedback from not only customers, but our own warranty department as well. This program truly is all about taking care of the customer!

best company ever

This was my first repair through the smart program.What an amazing experience.I live in a small rural town and had no issues setting up my appointment in Grande Prairie.The local agent in Grande Prairie did an amazing job and I was in and out within 3hrs.Hopefully I can keep my truck dent free????

I have The Smart Program on my Jeep and needed a windshield replacement. After emailing Smart, I had a Rep contact me almost immediately to confirm what I needed, and it was taken care of. The glass company called shortly thereafter to make an appointment and it was done! Amazing service thanks to The Smart Program! Recommended!

smart program is definitely a five star for service

Smart Program is awesome for our clients, and James is very accommodating to work with. I can recommend Smart to my clients knowing they will be satisfied with the product.

Smart Care has fantastic products and warranty service. I have the Ceramx coating on my windows and I recommend it to all my customers. Love it!!

Fantastic program, money saver for keeping your vehicle looking brand new for years to come!

I can not say enough above the Smartprogram company. They have been so easy to deal with when it comes to fixing some scratches, chips or dings. All I have to do is call them up and tell them what happened and boom - they're there to fix the problem. The people at Smartprogram are friendly and easy to deal with, they make having this program such a great experience. A great big Thank You goes to the Smartprogram and all the people involved.

The team at Smartprogram are awesome, always ready to help!


Would highly recommend...great friendly service!

Great program, the windshield replacement was easy and no hassle. I recommend it to everyone!

Was absolutely impressed with the service provided. It was courteous and professional with outstanding results. Great job Steve!!

Great customer service! They do an excellent job taking care of all my minor Imperfections on my vehicles.

Very friendly, prompt and professional! I did not know what to expect when making a claim and thought it might be a hassle, but it ended up being simple and straightforward! Thank you

Very friendly, prompt and professional! I did not know what to expect when making a claim and thought it might be a hassle, but it ended up being simple and straightforward! Thank you

I was skeptical when my dealship included this program, but after my first time using it I have nothing but high praise for the people and customer service experienced. Very friendly, responsive, respectful, and patient explaining everything and following up. Great service!

This program was the best accessory that I could have possibly purchased for my new vehicle, The level of service and the level of quality is outstanding. Every vehicle owner should have this service, the smart program is a must.

Awesome customer service! Excellent windshield technician!

The most awesome service that I ever experienced. You don't have to wait for a very long time from their employees respond, they will answer you right away, come on time even earlier than scheduled.

the process was easy and the quality of the work was awesome. The representative who came to my place was great.

I have no complaints at all !

Great service!

I only have good things to say about the “Smart Program.” Excellent service from start to finish. So far I have utilized the Smart Program on three different occasions. Very easy claims submission process, to talking to the rep on the phone, to the technician coming to my place to repair my vehicle. One of the best products that I have ever purchased. Great program!

For many years of service with Lexus Calgary, Smart program has always come through with all of my cosmetic issues with my vehicle. Also, Smart program is always good to point out the issues in every situation, simple or complex when treating issues with my vehicle and inform me about them before proceeding with any necessary work. Thank you as always!

I have been contacting them several times about cracks on my windshield and I can tell that they probably the best insurance company in Alberta. My problem solving manager Alla is supportive and confident specialist. I have only positive experience with them

After making contact with the office I set up the appointment. The technician was on time and the job was completed, a small paint chip and a paint discoloration from a rub on the door edge to my 2020 ford ranger, thanks

Really good customer service from the front desk lady, Alla, to the paint technician, Robert who came to my house and was able to fix a bunch of scratches on my vehicle. Highly recommended.

Amazing customer service! Attentive, empathetic, dealt with my claim right away! The techs did an outstanding job repaing my car! Kudos to you! Definitely buying the SmartProgram on my next car!

The team at smartcare went above and beyond to help us resolve our situation quickly and easily. Worth the investment if you’re buying a new car!

Service was top notch and the results better than I expected. They did more than I asked for. I'd use them again.

I sell vehicles and I just put Smart on my own Terrain. Within 2 weeks I got a big ol’ chip in my windshield. I called Smart and they set up everything for me. Ultimate Auto Care in Lethbridge is right next to my work so I let them have it all day, anyway. They checked for chips in the paint while they were at it and now I know my rock chip isn’t going to spread. I will continue recommending Smart Program to all my clients. Also, they always give me rave reviews too.

The team at smartcare went above and beyond to help us resolve our situation quickly and easily. You can trust that you are in good hands - they truly value their customers!

Friendly customer service and easy claims process

Good job not too expensive

I accidentally dropped a spot of crazy glue on my passenger seat of my 2017 Cadillac XT5. With in a week smart program arranged to have it repaired with Fibrenew a local leather repair place in Red Deer.
They did a excellent job and it never cost me a dime. Absolutely awesome customer service.

The crew at ming shine on 34ave were able to get me in quick and fix a couple dents to near new, no questions asked. Hoping the rest of the services are as quick and painless!

The people working at Ming Shine were great to deal with and did a fine job repairing paint chips and a minor dent.

Great Job

Every interaction I've had with SmartProgram has been easy and hassle-free. It's amazing to be offered a form of insurance where you don't have to fight tooth and nail to get what you paid for.

Talked to very nice lady who was very helpful !

Friendly Staff and knew what they were doing. Dent totally gone! Im a happy customer. Definitely will recommend to others

Fast, friendly service. Very happy!

The Smart program is worth it. I live in Alberta (Edmonton area) and they decided not to use the deicing this year but use salt and sand, I have already had two chips in my window, no questions asked fixed, no hassle.
I have rock chips now in my paint with will be repaired after winter is over.
HATE SAND AND SALT! Love Smart Program

I had the pleasure of speaking to Bobbi when filing my claim for scratches, and dents to my hood, passenger door and rear bumper of the Audi I purchased the insurance for. Bobbi was courteous, professional and went above and beyond to make my claim process as smooth as possible. They scheduled my car into the body shop within 2 days and within a week the car was fully restored to pristine condition. I would recommend purchasing smart car insurance because scratches, nicks, bumps and dents are inevitable and the business that provides it is accountable and quickly fixed the issue.

Simple email or phone call and they look right after the repair.
We have had to use this twice with great results.

Very easy and painless process. Got my windshield chip fixed fast and I had very little to do to take advantage of the the Smartprogram perks.

Sheldon Robb

Repairs have all been hassle free and very fast!

Very accommodating. They came to me, to fix the scratches. Very quick response time.
Thanks, will definitely use your services again.

Very accommodating. They came to me, to fix the scratches. Very quick response time.
Thanks, will definitely use your services again.

Very happy with the service and professionalism offered with my Smart Program protection. Got a scratch and a ding in my new car, easily booked an appointment and got the repair work done. Everyone I dealt with were very professional and honest. I know if I get another scratch or dent that they will take care of me. Highly recommend to anyone.

Very helpful and easy to get the work done!

Awesome customer service

I just wanted to say how happy I am with your prompt and efficient same-day service for my windshield rock chip.

I especially want to say “thank you” to Colin Reef, the technician. Great service. He deserves commendation!

Awesome customer service. Very easy to deal with.

I bought the SmartProgram since I am well aware of the wear and tear of paint during the years. But they went beyond and fixed a scratch that is not supposed to be covered by the program.

Can't say enough about Bobbi. So quick to respond. I've only had to use them once so far (hopefully that's it), but it was easy and painless! Fantastic customer service!

Found smart program a few months ago and working with Bobbi and Megan has been nothing short of flawless. The customer service is phenomenal and the program they offer is incredible. Never difficult to deal with and always on top of everything.

Professional worksmanship. Dent and scratch gone in minutes. Very satisfied with this program. Smooth transaction from making a report, booking, and servicing. Thanks Bobbi.

Always accommodating and great SERVICE! Thanks Bobbi!

Amazing Customer Service. Bobbi is always helpful and able to get our vehicle in as soon as possible to ensure quality, professional workmanship.

Excellent work and service. Highly recommend

Great service, very friendly.

Excellent service from the SmartProgram. We had paint, leather and rim repairs on our SUV and we were treated exceptionally well by Bobbi Gervan, our customer representative. All 3 repair people came directly to our house and the schedule was well organized by Bobbi. It was very easy and we are extremely satisfied.

Amazing service all around. I was especially appreciative of the prompt and professional customer service by Bobbi Gervan in processing the claim, booking the appointments and constantly following up. The entire process took less than two days from my initial claim to the completion of the work. Amazing!

Amazing service all around. I was especially appreciative of the prompt and professional customer service by Bobbi Gervan in processing the claim, booking the appointments and constantly following up. The entire process took less than two days from my initial claim to the completion of the work. Amazing!

Very happy with the service and quality of this smart package we bought for our new Ford

Quick friendly service, the quality of paint chip an scratch repairs are ok, when they have the right colour for your paint. They buffed out some surface scratches really well.

Smart program rep was awesome , although our lexus dealer had no idea what he / she was suppose to do . So this took weeks rather than days. Smart Program dealers should let their clients know how it works , that their customers contact the smartprogram rather than the dealer, would be allot less confusion and anxiety

Great job on my car I felt like it was as new again.

I think the Smartprogram represents good value. I curb-rashed my passenger side front wheel rim a few days after purchasing my vehicle and was very glad to have this insurance. The repair was well done by a well qualified outfit. I am a happy customer! A special thank you to Bobbi for making my experience seamless...

Prompt response to issues, Good Customer Service, that is SmartProgram. They went above limit to fix the damage on my car bumper. Highly recommended for any car maintenance related issues.

All I can say is Bobbi Gervan from smart program are AMAZING and very helpful. Got scratch and dent from my new car. Bobbi always make sure that I’m 100% satisfied with the service that smart program provides, if I’m not 100% satisfied yet, she kept emailed/called me and tell me what’s the other options is
Highly recommended!
Thanks smart program and Bobbi gervan

Used the service multiple times already (bit embarassing)....the coordinator Bobbi is great, she always answers the phone when you call and takes care of all of the details. She really takes the stress out of the whole process for you. This program has already paid for itself in my opinion, would totally recommend it to anyone.

Used the program numerous times and always happy with the result Bobbi was super honest about the work and pricing

Weather it’s the shop or the office everyone is extremely knowledgeable and friendly I usually deal with Bobbi if I need to go threw the smart program and wow!! What a breeze she takes care of everything all you have to do is drop off and everything is taken care of no hassle no drama

Highly recommended!!!!

There is a reason they call it the "Smart Program". I purchased smart program through a dealer when I purchased my new car. I have since made a few dent/scratch repairs. Smart program sent a repair person to my place of work which was amazingly convenient. Having these dents repaired for free with no deductible has saved me a bunch of money and time. I highly recommend this program if you are purchasing a new vehicle and are concerned with aesthetics and appearance.

Excellent and prompt service. Very happy with the program

I have had a few experiences with Bobbi Gervan for windshield replacement and repairs and the service has been fantastic. Bobbi is nothing but helpful and willing to help with any issue. I would recommend anyone buying a new vehicle to sign up for the Smartprogram, it has been excellent service and value.

Great Customer Service from their Client Care Agent Bobbi, would definitely buy the program again from Sherwood Ford, this program saved me a lot of money!

Excellent prompt service

I curb- rashed my car 2 weeks ago, 3 days after I got my new car. I was so mad of what happened but I was relieved after I remembered that I bought a Smart Program that was offered to me when I bought my car at Sundance Mazda. The process of taking the claim was quick and efficient! Thank you so much Carol- the rep behind the phone- for all your help! More power to the company!