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How Ceramx Protection Products Can Help Dealerships

Increase Their Per Car Average

Do you sometimes feel that your dealership is missing out on possible high-margin products that your competition is utilizing and that you are missing out on profits?

One of the many ways SmartProgram puts more money back into your pocket is by offering advanced vehicle coating technology like Ceramx Paint Protection.

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What Is Ceramx

How Does It Work

Ceramic paint protection provides a protective shield that is stronger, lighter and harder than other vehicle coatings on the market. It is:

- UV Resistant

- Chemical Resistant

- Water Repellent

- Scratch resistant

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CERAMX Paint Protection
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CERAMX Paint Protection

Prolong & Improve The Exterior Of Your Car

Window Treatment By CERAMX
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Window Treatment By CERAMX

Improve Clarity & Visibility To Extend Driver Reaction Time

Potential Return On Investment For Dealerships


Number of Cars Sold Annually


% Sold with a SmartProgram Policy

$1,500,000Total Profit

Drive Sales. Drive Confidence. Drive Smart.

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