Our Reviews

Caring customer service…great service…

Got my Lexus windshield replaced at the Lexus dealer we purchased the smart program through. No issues at all and the smart program is great!! Very happy!

Brand new truck and received a chip in window which was repaired at our dealer. Friendly and immediate service

I decided to inquire about the program that I knew (?) I purchased but didn’t expect to use, and was very impressed with the service of Ming shine in Edmonton. They fixed my small dings and a bullseye in my windshield with epoxy, expertly, and even paid for an uber to take me home and then pick me up when it was done. I give them top marks!

We purchased the smart glass coverage and have used it once already to repair a chip. It was fast and easy to arrange and with ZERO hassle. Super happy with the service so far!

Warranty on my car. They came right to my house and fixed the dent. Very nice to deal with.

We had our windshield replace by this program. They covered the $1,100.00 with no complaints.

Smart Program came with my brand new F150 that I purchased. I had never used it before and was a bit skeptical. Ive used it approx 5-6 times over the past year to fix a number of rock chips and cracks in my front windshield. Each time has been a smooth stress free claim process. I call and they ask where I want to go and I go there. Work is done with no extra steps required on my end. I will definitely consider this program in the future with other vehicles or when my free term is up.