Unlimited Cosmetic Car Repairs are Mobile, Convenient and Deductible-Free

SmartProgram is in the business of keeping new vehicles, new forever. We offer Smart Care, a unique plan that provides new car buyers with peace of mind when they drive off the car lot.  When a customer purchases Smart Care from their dealership, cosmetic repairs are covered for the lifetime of their contract. What’s even better? We’re mobile! That means wherever the customers are, we’ll be there to fix any ‘uh ohs’ that occur, whether at home or at their office.

What Can Smart Care’s Mobile Repairers Fix?

Windshield cracks and chips: Our mobile windshield repair specialists have everything they need to repair rock chips and cracks at home or office.

Paint Chips and Scratches: Key scratches, scrapes, stone chips and minor paint damage are ideal for mobile repair as they can often be completed within just a few hours.

Paint Dents: Small dents to external surfaces can be fixed easily and quickly without any painting necessary. Technicians gently massage the dents from behind until it matches the original finish.

Interior Repairs: Vinyl, leather, and fabric on seats, floors, doors and more. Our team repairs rips and punctures to almost any interior surface, returning the area to almost new condition.

Smart Care Mobile Car Repair Benefits

Customer convenience: Simply contact SmartProgram and request a mobile repair technician at a convenient time and place. 

Speed: Not only is it convenient to stay in the comfort of home or office, but these repairs can be done in a few hours, not days.

No deductible:  Because the car owner is a Smart Care member, there is no deductible and the repair work does not affect insurance premiums in any way.

No photos required: Smart Care members enjoy unlimited cosmetic repairs to their vehicle for the lifetime of their contract without the hassle of capturing images and uploading them to be assessed before repairs can be done.

Contactless: We follow all current safety Covid protocols to protect our customers and workers as we continue to provide contactless repairs.

The customer can choose either home or workplace for the mobile repairers to perform the required work. However, keep in mind we can only fix mobile repairs outside if the weather cooperates with the technician. If it is raining or snowing it is un-safe and a health and safety risk for technicians to complete the repair.

With the benefits of mobile car repairs, Smart Care is an easy decision for new car buyers. Ready to offer more benefits to your dealership customers? Help keep your customers’ purchases… newer, longer.

Contact us to learn how you can increase each bill of sale with SmartProgram and get started today!

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