Spring Road Hazards and Your Rims

Winter wreaks havoc on Canadian roadways. Snow covers up layers of breakage, wreckage and debris that collects for months. It’s not until the snow melts that these road hazards are exposed. Come spring, we finally see the full extent of the damage. Potholes, road cracks, glass and other foreign objects make spring a treacherous time for driving. All of us know the feeling when a vehicle tire suddenly drops into a pothole, jolting you and your car, causing damage to your wheels. In spring, tires and rims take a beating due to road hazards that accumulated over winter.

Tires are what separates the driver from the road. Keeping tires and rims in good condition is an important safety concern. A tire that can’t be repaired or a rim that is damaged and prevents the tire from holding air can not only be frustrating, but expensive.

SmartProgram covers damage that happens to tires and rims due to road hazards. For tires this is defined as a puncture, break or other failure due to a pothole, road crack, nail, screw, glass, rock, animal or animal carcass, tree limb, wood or other debris or foreign object encountered during the course of driving on a road or highway. We also repair rims that no longer seal the tire due to impacts with the same road hazards, ensuring that the safety and normal driving performance of the vehicle is not affected. If the tires or rims are too damaged for repair, we will replace them. There is no occurrence limit and no KM limit. Optionally, we even repair cosmetic damage to rims caused by curb scuffs, in selected cities.

For the dealer, SmartProgram has major benefits. Mark-up on this product is high with no maximum mark-up, allowing you to price this product according to what the market will bear in your territory. Your customers will love the ease of the claims process and the fact that they can use unlimited claims up to $5000. There is no product application, and no deductible to worry about. Our fast and friendly service will increase your customer retention and keep your dealers coming back to you. Your service department can handle all the claims in house, and we can support your parts department by purchasing any necessary hardware/parts from them. All this, in addition to the fact that we are keeping your customers’ wheels on the road and driving safely with good traction.

Customers learn about SmartProgram through you. Help them to discover that this is a service they need. Car manufacturer’s limited warranties don’t cover tires and the tire manufacturer only warrants tires against factory defects. Neither the tire maker nor the car manufacturer cover tires and rims for damage or failure due to road hazards – the most common wheel injuries. Ask your customer wheel-related questions to create a basis for discussion about this.

  • How many miles is your commute to work?
  • How much of your driving is highway driving?
  • What is the strangest thing you’ve encountered lying on the road?
  • When was the last time you had a flat tire or slow leak?
  • When was the last time you hit a pothole?

Knowing the customer’s experience, and relating it to this fantastic SmartProgram product illuminates the need for this important wheel coverage.

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