Paint Sealant VS Ceramic Coating: What’s the BIG difference?

Vehicles are considered some of the worst investments we make in our lifetime. But, we need them. Even more than that, we WANT them! That new car smell, perfectly shiny exterior with zero kilometres just waiting for a road trip adventure.

Cars are not only one of the most significant (and fun) purchases we will ever make, but they work harder than any other possession we’ll ever own. They’ll get scratched, chipped, worn, torn, faded, used, and abused.

The people at SmartProgram strive to put more money back into car buyers’ pockets by protecting their vehicles from an array of environmental factors.

If you could keep your vehicle protected and looking its best for years to come…why wouldn’t you put that minimal investment in now to maintain as much resale value you could in the future?

Incredible advancements in paint protection technology have occurred in the last few years. If you are a car buyer, sell cars, or simply share our passion for cars then you’ve probably asked yourself, “What’s the big difference is between paint sealants and ceramic coatings?”


Paint Sealants

 Sealants are similar to waxes but are not naturally occurring products. Lasting longer than waxes, they’re engineered and chemically formulated to provide an acceptable level of protection for your car’s paint. Because sealants are made in a lab, science has been manipulated to design a higher durability level than traditional wax products. Paint sealants resist water and provide mid-level protection against your typical paint-killers; UV rays, tree sap, acidic rain and gifts from circling birds above.

There are a few reasons why this product is a popular choice in the paint protection market:

  • Fits into a limited budget
  • Provides a deeper depth of paint colour
  • Is stronger with longer effects than traditional wax
  • Easier cleaning and drying of the vehicle

We’ll spend a little more time on ceramic coatings. Why? Well, they’re more complicated. They have more advantages to brag about. Plus, they’re just really cool.


Ceramic Coatings

At SmartProgram, we are a massive fan of a particular line of ceramic coating called Ceramx. We love it so much that we offer it exclusively to car dealerships as an added service to each bill of sale for new car buyers.

By offering SmartProgram’s Ceramx to your customers, you provide these protective benefits through unique product features and characteristics, including:

Nano-Ceramic Coating - Nanotechnology (engineering of particles and resistance at the molecular level) produces a coating comprising of tiny particles. This results in a closer bonding to the paint surface which reduces the inferiority of the coating so dirt and moisture can’t penetrate.

Reduced Surface Tension - This closer bond also provides a pore-free surface that produces a protective shield that is stronger, lighter, and harder than competitive polymer coatings. Less adhesion for dirt and debris to attach to your vehicle’s paint means easier cleaning.

Hard, Protective Shine - Its tough, protective, and deep brilliant shine is harder than your vehicle’s factory clear coat. By how much? About 3 times!!

Self-Cleaning Properties - When it rains, the properties of Ceramx allow rainwater to wash off while collecting dirt as it runs down the side of the vehicle. A car wash every time it rains!

Excellent UV Protection - Contains UV blockers that protect your paint finish against oxidation and fading.

Extreme Temperature Protection - UV blocker protection also provides an efficient defense against damaging heat, reducing the probability of oxidation and fading

Minimized Micro-Scarring - Reduced pore size and harder nanotechnology ceramic surface help prevent tiny swirls and scarring of the paint surface.

Ceramx is a long-lasting protective paint sealant on steroids and will keep your customer’s new car, looking fresh.

Maintaining a higher resale value equals happier car buyers. Happier car buyers mean returning customers for years to come.

When compared to the traditional car wax, both ceramic coating and paint sealant are difficult to apply. SmartProgram ONLY uses the highest quality materials. We guarantee our installation because we only partner with the best technicians.

Have questions about paint sealants compared to Ceramx products? Ask us! We love the car care industry and have knowledgeable staff waiting to hear from you.

If you’d like to add Ceramx to your bill of sales, our team can assist you on how to get started. Additional products are available such as protection plans for windshield repair and replacement, as well as scratch and dent repair. Contact us today!

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