Creative Ways to Offer SmartCare

For many car owners, driving their car off your lot is the highlight of their car-buying experience. After that comes maintenance, repair, insurance fees and filling the tank. With so many pulls on a car owner’s purse strings, it’s nice to offer the customer something that gives, rather than takes. Presenting SmartCare to your customers helps them to feel taken care of afterthey leave your lot, without once having to open their wallets. Our repairs don’t increase insurance fees, there’s no deductible to pay, no hidden charges and no risk. SmartCare is a wonderful thing. Here’s how to get your customers to go for SmartCare, and return to thank you for it.

SmartCare is a prepaid vehicle wear care program available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7-year terms. Use the 2-year program as a closing tool! This is a compelling and affordable way to close a sale on other warranty products, such as extended warranty, life/disability insurance, and protection packages. With SmartCare as a cost-effective throw-in, you’ll add value to the customer’s deal without having to give a discount to close the sale.

Put SmartCare as a line item on the bill of sale. Seeing it there helps customers to see its value. Know that most customers will be more receptive to SmartCare products than tire and rim packages.

You can also bundle with chemical protections. Chances are your center is already offering paint protection, however most paint protection warranties do not offer protection for the most common types of repair – scratch, dent and paint chip coverage. And that’s not all SmartCare covers! Our plans also cover windshield chips, alloy wheel damage and interior damage to upholstery, such as rips, tears, and burn marks to seats, door panels and arm rests. They will get more value out of their SmartCare package than any other!

Our claim rate is high – that means that customers love using our service. Did we mention that SmartCare usage is unlimited? That’s right. Your customer can visit us for curb scuffs to their alloy wheels, then get a door dent removed, a paint chip repaired, a key scratch remedied, and upholstery restored, again and again. All bookings are coordinated by our VIP Customer Care Team, and usually take place quickly, while customers wait. Our job is to make you look as good as the customer’s vehicle.

Did the customer trade in a vehicle that had deductions for interior and exterior blemishes? If so, track and itemize those deductions for the customer, pointing out that they got less trade-in value for their vehicle because of the types of minor damages that SmartCare covers. Let them know that, down the road, when they want to trade or sell their new vehicle, their SmartCare coverage will help them get a higher price.

SmartCare is a premium car care service. Let your customers know you care about them, through SmartCare.

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