How Ceramx Window Protection Protects Vehicle Windows and Drivers

Windshields are the #1 insurance claim, comprising about 30% of all claims. This is because windshields are a crucial component of the overall safety of a vehicle. The average windshield not only protects passengers from weather and debris, in a collision, it contains between 20%-50% of an automobile’s structural strength. A single pebble can crack the glass, travelling at speeds of up to 3000 kph, instantly reducing the windshield’s structural soundness. In fact, windshield cracks cause problems in two ways – they negatively impact the structural integrity of the windshield and obstruct the driver’s field of vision.

Ceramx is a durable, protective ceramic coating for vehicle glass. On the industry-standard hardness scale, developed by Friedrich Moh in 1812, the glass used on a vehicle’s windshield is usually rated at 6 to 6.5 which is why uncoated windshields chip and crack so easily. Ceramx Window Protection creates exterior fortification, bringing it to a 9 on the scale, the same hardness as sapphires and rubies. 

Ceramx ceramic coating’s incredible performance should not be overlooked as an added safety feature. When applied to vehicle glass, its structure of bonded, ceramic-based, nano-particles fuses with the window to create a super-strong barrier. This solid protection helps a windshield stay chip and crack free which means a more structurally sound windshield. 

In addition to increased structural integrity, Ceramx Window Protection helps keep car windows as crystal clear as they should be for maximum visibility and maximum reaction time. This is one of the unique benefits of Ceramx - how pristinely transparent it makes a windshield. Ceramx makes the glass crystal clear, greatly reducing glare and increasing visibility. This means more reaction time and a much safer drive. With inclement weather, night driving, close urban traffic and rural roadway hazards every sight advantage helps. There are 4 main obstructions to a driver’s vision:

  • Precipitation and moisture
  • Chemical obstructions
  • Physical obstructions
  • Windshield chips, cracks and micro-scratches 

Since Ceramx Window Protection creates a seamless, water-repellent bond, rain, snow and ice literally sheets off the windows. Ceramx reduces substances’ ability to adhere to the windows, so that the people driving the vehicle can see the road. Its non-stick nature means that windows stay clean and free of the chemical obstructions that create glare, such as the oils, salts and acids that accumulate on windows while driving. Ceramx also provides increased protection from physical obstructions such as dirt, bird droppings and bug splatters. It also safeguards the windshield from getting hundreds of micro-scratches that diffuse light, increase glare and reduce clarity. Windshields stay sharply clear, free of visual obstructions. 

Ceramx Window Protection is the best product on the market for protecting automotive glass from needing windshield chip repair and the ultimate product for increasing visual clarity of the roadways for the driver. 

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