Ceramx Glass Protection

Winter is coming and so is winter driving! In Canada, winter driving conditions are extreme. We’ve all felt our knuckles tighten around the steering wheel when visibility drops due to a snowstorm. We’ve all squinted when the glare of oncoming headlights dazzles our eyes. We’ve all seen a rock fly into our car’s glass, and flinched. It’s no wonder car accidents happen more frequently and car insurance claims skyrocket by 50% during the winter months.

The window glass through which you navigate winter’s driving hazards is a key safety feature of your customer’s car. Wouldn’t it be great if that glass could protect them better, and make their winter driving safer?

Enter our hero: Ceramx Glass Protection.

Ceramx technology adds a triple layer of security, protecting your customers in three ways:

  • Ceramx increases clarity and reduces nighttime glare. Ceramx creates a crystal-clear field of vision, ensuring that drivers can see what they need to see to stay out of harm’s way. With darkness that blankets the country for 15 out of every 24 hours, Ceramx customers experience less overall surface area glare and fewer instances of momentary blindness from driving in the dark.
  • Ceramx is hydrophobic.It physically repels water and snow from the glass so that water beads quickly and rolls away fast. This means that lines of sight stay clear, increasing visibility while driving. The Ceramx coating provides an extra full second of response time when driving in inclement weather conditions. That means safety.
    Bonus: We’ve all been late for work because stubborn ice wouldn’t scrape off the windshield. The hydrophobic qualities of Ceramx make it easier and quicker to remove snow, frost and ice from the windows, keeping your customers warmer, drier and on time for their day.
  • Ceramx is incredibly strong and durable.Ceramx is so tough that it will deflect small road debris from damaging all car windows - the front windshield, side windows, rear window and sunroof. Without Ceramx, the average Albertan replaces one car window per year due to extreme weather. We are so confident in the strength and durability of Ceramx that we will replace any window chipped or cracked by road debris, nationwide, up to $4000 per customer. That’s a lot of windows! During installation, SmartProgram expertly recalibrates software and hardware as needed.

Give your customers all the information you have to help them choose this protection. For example, let them know that Ceramx glass coverage premiums do not rise after a claim and that claims do not affect their insurance premiums.  Be sure to provide facts specific to your municipality. For instance, an Edmonton dealership can share the knowledge that The City of Edmonton is using gravel on winter roads this year. This becomes a value-added piece of information that makes windshield damage inevitable, and Ceramx’ armor more advisable and beneficial.

Every Canadian driver has experienced adverse winter driving conditions and is keen to know ways to mitigate the dangers. The SmartProgram Ceramx window treatment and replacement program is a desirable product. It’s easy to talk about with car buyers and is readily sold in winter.

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