Best Products to Offer Customers from Major Cities

City driving involves a variety of complex driving situations. There is much more activity on the roads due to population density. This added traffic requires alertness for frequent stops and starts, constant lane changes, multi-directional hazards, and heavy-traffic intersections. Drivers navigate not only cars, but also pedestrians, cyclists, buses, emergency vehicles, construction zones, street cleaners and gravel trucks. These considerations make the city driver an active driver, and the city car an active car. To put it simply, there are more things. These things can damage a vehicle – its paint, tires, glass, and more. Thankfully SmartProgram keeps your customer’s vehicle in tiptop shape so that it can be depended on for high city driving performance. 

Urban drivers access amenities more often, making parking a frequent necessity. Whether in a parkade, lot, or paralleling on the street, parking can be tricky. Even a stationary parked car can be an unintended target for damage. Who hasn’t had their car dinged, scratched or dented by another vehicle while parked (or accidentally dinged another parked vehicle with your own)? Ask your customer how they use their vehicle in the city. Do they drive daily, then use street or lot parking when they arrive at their destination? If so, they might be getting their vehicle damaged each and every day. SmartProgram’s unlimited exterior repair program can remove dents, paint chips and scratches, bringing their car back to pristine condition. Not only will the car look good as it is driven, future rust damage will be averted. 

City folk drive more frequently to various locations and events, often carrying extra passengers. Taking kids to soccer games, skating practice and school, carpooling, picking up groceries, even driving to and from work every day can batter a vehicle’s interior, making rips, tears, and burns to the upholstery. For all these reasons, SmartProgram includes unlimited interior upholstery coverage. Simple to book and quickly completed, Smart Program keeps interiors looking as good as new.

Vehicle wheels and rims suffer constant blows in urban settings – while driving and while parking. Road hazards, potholes, debris and curb damage cause scuffs, scrapes, dents and pits. Left unrepaired, wheel damage creates an uneven seal between the rim and the tire, reducing its ability to grip the road. Wheel damage should always be repaired as soon as it happens to maintain the strength and integrity of the rim seal and ensure good traction. SmartProgram offers unlimited dent and scratch repair for vehicle rims, and rim replacement coverage for bigger damage.

Car windows need to be clear for visibility. SmartProgram protects your customers’ glass with Ceramx. When protected by Ceramx, glass is strengthened and much less likely to crack or chip from small road debris like gravel and flying rocks. Glare is reduced, as Ceramx-coated glass makes water and melting snow bead up and roll away. Most importantly, Ceramx improves clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time. This is important in cities where space between cars is limited. Glass is usually not covered in auto insurance policies, making this a very desirable product. In fact, we believe so much in the power of Ceramx to protect vehicle glass, that we guarantee it, providing unlimited chip and crack repairs, even replacing full windows if necessary, including hardware/software calibration.

On the sales floor, be sure to ask your urban car buyer if they are using their vehicle for commercial purposes. Perhaps they are an Uber driver, a delivery person for Skip the Dishes, or have a commercial license plate for small business deliveries and meetings. These automobiles require SmartProgram protection, as they experience higher-than-normal wear and tear compared to other vehicles. Explain why SmartProgram is a worthy investment to protect their vehicle and their ability to earn income with it.

These fantastic SmartProgram products are perfect for city drivers. Your customers can purchase SmartProgram in 2-, 3-,  4 or 5- 6, 7, 8 year pre-paid contracts. Customers receive first-class repair work from SmartProgram as well as excellent customer service. SmartProgram customers are happy customers. There are no fees or deductibles for them and no maximum mark-up for your dealership. SmartProgram is a superior service, providing care for your car buyer long after they leave the lot, adding value to each urban car sold.

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