The Best Products for New Vehicles

Keeping a new vehicle new is what SmartProgram is all about. The term “wear and tear” simply doesn’t apply to vehicles that are covered by our incredible protection packages. After purchasing these SmartProgram products from your dealership, your customers can rest assured that their new car is protected from everyday damage that devalues their investment. 

Let us introduce you to SmartCare. The “Smart” in SmartCare stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques. SmartCare repairs paint chips, scratches, dents, windshield chips, interior damage and alloy wheel damage – all the things car insurance companies and manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover. An affordable SmartCare pre-paid service agreement program is the most cost-effective way to protect a new vehicle. 

Our repair processes are patented. SmartCare is the only provider using spray-less repair technology. We’ve repaired over 150,000 exterior dents, paint chips and scratches alone! SmartCare’s interior protection offers repairs to leather interiors, cloth seats, door panels and arm rests. Its rim care fixes scuffs, scrapes and gouges to alloy wheels, preventing rust and ensuring that tires stay inflated and grip the road. Vehicles remain in pristine condition and resale value stays high. 

SmartCare has no out-of-pocket expenses, no deductibles and no hidden fees. Usage is unlimited and fully transferable, Canada-wide. Our first-class service is second to none, with VIP Customer Care teams to coordinate bookings so that the car can be fixed while your customer waits. We even offer mobile repair crews in select areas. SmartCare is something your customers will appreciate hearing about and gaining from.

Ceramx is another premium product and service package that new car buyers need to know about. Ceramx is a hardwearing nano-ceramic coating that creates a complete shield for the automobile. It can be applied to the entire vehicle, inside and out. Not only does it give the car a beautiful high gloss finish, it makes the vehicle durable, protecting it from scratches, scuffs, water, dirt, the sun, and physical and chemical injury, permanently. Glass, rims, lights, paint, chrome and the interior are fully preserved with this one-time application. For example, all vehicles with Ceramx applied to the windows enjoy an All Window Warranty (AWW). This means that this coating will protect car windows from cracks and chips. If it doesn’t, we repair the damage for free, even replacing the windows if necessary. Furthermore, Ceramx improves glass clarity and visibility, reduces night glare, beads water, and shields the car from sticking hazards such as insect strikes, ice and snow.

The good news about Ceramx doesn’t stop there: Ceramx shows up as an asset on the vehicle’s Carfax report. That’s a statement of its value and how well it protects. 

SmartProgram offers incredible Finance and Insurance (F&I) products, keeping your customers’ vehicles in tiptop shape. We offer contracts ranging in length from one to five years. Price our products at what your local market will bear, with no maximum mark-up. Best of all, your new car customer can say goodbye to the worry of scuffs and scratches, dings and dents, interior rips, tears and burns, and damage to alloy wheels. Keep your customers’ vehicles in mint condition, and your customers safe and happy, with SmartProgram. Contact us at 1-888-548-8088 or [email protected] today.

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