The Benefits of Menu Selling

Imagine a restaurant without a menu. What do you order? How much does it cost? With a menu, the customer can see that the restaurant offers entrees, handcrafted beverages and a variety of desserts. Customers can order what they need to nourish themselves, within their budget.

With auto purchases, menu selling works much in the same way. It gives each customer the information they need to make informed purchase decisions that will meet their needs and means. The biggest difference is the size of the investment. This big purchase means menu selling becomes crucial to ensure that the customer has what they require to protect their investment for years to come.

Menu selling offers aftermarket add-ons to your customer’s vehicle purchase. Though the industry standard term is menu selling, you may prefer to think of this as two-way menu telling. Create a conversational dialogue with your customer. Let them tell you what their needs are and what is pertinent to their life. Maybe the vehicle has an intended commercial use. Maybe resale value is important to them. Perhaps they intend to drive the vehicle until the odometer rolls over. Or maybe they intend to trade it in two years. Then it’s your turn. Tell the customer the correct product information that empowers them to choose the products that will help them meet their goals. This process forges a relationship, making them a happy customer with a high Customer Service Index (CSI). A purchaser with a high CSI will repeatedly return to their favorite brand, will share their positive experience with others, and will become a customer for life.

Menu selling has many benefits.

First and foremost, menu selling protects the customer’s vehicle investment. Aftermarket products include extended warranties as well as financial and insurance products (F&I products). SmartProgram is one such product.

Knowing your customer gives you the ability to customize their purchase, tailoring it to their wishes. The dealership makes known its many valuable products while the customer is taken care of with complete service. Menu selling means all sales considerations are accomplished and all parties are 100% satisfied.

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